Hi, I'm


I’m a medicinal artist and a healer.

I specialize in stained glass medicinal art and shamanic bodywork.

I have a great desire and passion to facilitate profound healings and rituals that empower my clients to strengthen their connection to their highest source. In my experience, this connection is a foundational part of healing.

If you’re feeling stuck or at a crossroads in your life and you feel unsure of your next steps, strengthening your connection to Source is an effective way to receive clear direction. My bodywork focuses on releasing from your body and/or energy field what is not yours and/or what is no longer serving you and replacing it with your own pure essence energy. I have a profound daily practice that keeps me in relationship with the unseen world and my helping spirits which enables me to identify and facilitate movement of energy blockages in my clients. My healing work is mostly hands on and I use my drum, rattle and my voice to move energy.

This movement of energy can leave you feeling lighter, energized, more focused, and in less pain. My work is gentle and effective.


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a healing that can encompass the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual bodies or any combination thereof. This is done by reaching trance states with different helpers (like a drum, a rattle or my voice), and partnering with our combined helping spirits and higher (creator) selves to help to guide your body and energy system to do what it knows how to do innately…heal and run smoothly. Shamanic healing is often described as a process of removing what isn’t yours or is no longer serving you (extraction or depossession) and returning to you what is your essence energy (soul retrieval or power animal retrieval).

Ritual Facilitation

Ritual is so important because it creates a physical, tangible marker in our lives. It brings the energetic into our physical reality. It’s such an amazing tool for daily use and for times of transitions like births, deaths, marriages, and coming of age. It’s a way of letting go of the old and calling in the new, a way to connect with the energetic world and communicate with the Universe or God or whomever you believe in, exactly who and what you are willing to be NOW. I believe it’s beneficial for us not only as a society, but as a species to learn to remember and reintegrate our indiginous roots in ritual.

Medicinal Art Creation

All art speaks to someone’s Soul.

Some pieces may hold special meaning and create a feeling of wellbeing for one person while a different piece holds special meaning for another. Medicinal stained glass is a custom piece of art that holds special meaning or “medicine” for your soul. I have chosen glass as my medium of choice because of the powerful benefits of both light and color therapy.

I am guided by my intuition and a close relationship with my helping spirits. After a session with me, I’m often guided to make a piece of art that will help you to integrate the healing you received. It’s often difficult for our bodies and minds to give up on old perspectives that are no longer serving us. By placing your custom piece of stained glass in a prominent position where you can see it and not only contemplate its meaning for your life but also soak in the color and light vibration, you can continue to gently and steadily integrate new patterns and perspectives into your life.


Jessie Rothman-Church

About the Healing Space

The Oak

The Oak is a beautifully restored 19th century farmhouse with a welcoming and healing energy. This mighty house has held space for healing in different capacities throughout the years as it once belonged to the local country doctor.