Complimentary Consultation​

I offer a free consultation over the phone. It is usually a 15-20 minute conversation to discuss what your general needs are and to inquire with the helping spirits if I am the practitioner to help you. If I am not the right practitioner for you, I will journey to ask who is better suited to your needs. If I know them, I will refer you.

Initial shamanic session


(90 minutes to 2 hours)

5-30 minute conversation (Why are you here?) followed by an hour to an hour and a half on my table.

A Shamanic session typically lasts between 1.5-2 hours and can address many issues including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. First, I call in our combined spirit allies. Second, I check-in with them in order to discern the best treatment. My work usually consists of hands-on body work, rattles, drums, singing and the use of herbs, plants and oils.

There are many treatments including guided journeys, power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, extraction and deposession.

Follow up full session
(1 hour to 90 minutes) $125/per session

I offer follow up shamanic sessions after an initial session. These are ideal for going deeper in a specific area, choosing another area to work on and healing physical ailments.

Follow up 30 minute check-in
with the helping spirits $50 per session

This is ideal when you feel pretty well balanced in an area we have been working on and you’re just needing a quick check-in or adjustment.

All shamanic sessions can be done in person or over the phone/zoom.

Shamanic Session
Shamanic Session
Shamanic Session
Shamanic session with stained glass creation

Shamanic stained glass packages:

3 Shamanic sessions

1 hour to 90 minutes each session

$997 - large medicinal stained glass piece 12x24ish.

2 Shamanic sessions

1 hour to 90 minutes each session

$597 - medium medicinal stained glass piece 12x12ish

1 Shamanic session

1 hour to 90 minutes each session

$297 - small medicinal stained glass piece 6x6ish

Ritual Facilitation

The price will vary depending upon time to create and execute the ritual as well as follow-up for integration of the ritual. Let’s discuss what you want to create in your life.

To find out more about why ritual is so important, check out my blog. 


Shamanic session and Ritual at the Oak

What the heck does that mean?

What is a Power Animal retrieval?

A power animal is a spirit ally who will walk through this life with you and can bring you power, protection and wisdom. This is an animal who has offered itself in service to your spiritual growth and you to theirs. Once you have a power animal, it is your responsibility to cultivate a relationship with them thereby bringing you a lifetime of knowledge, power, protection and insights about yourself.

What is soul loss and soul retrieval?

Soul loss is a common occurrence in human society.  It can go unrecognized for years if not lifetimes because it isn’t usually talked about in mainstream culture. It happens for many reasons including trauma, illness, and situations of high stress. A small portion of your soul’s energy can fracture and leave the main portion of your incarnated soul. It does this in order to avoid the high stress or traumatic experience, thereby preserving that piece in its untraumatized state. Soul retrieval brings back that pure, un-traumatized essence so that you can be more fully embodied…more fully your true Self. A lot of shamanic bodywork focuses on ridding you of what isn’t yours or what no longer serve (extraction/depossession). Conversely, soul retrieval  focuses on bringing back what is innately you and yours.

What is extraction?

Extraction is removing from your physical and/or energetic bodies, energy which is not yours. Foreign energy can come from a multitude of different places and can manifest in a multitude of different ways. Symptoms can include physical pain, feeling tired or drained, feeling strong emotions that don’t resonate with how you normally feel, or feeling depressed, like you can’t shake something…but you don’t know what it is. Once an extraction is performed, a soul retrieval is typically next because it is very important to fill any empty spaces with your own essence. This is important because leaving open space can result in being re-inhabited with foreign energy.

What is compassionate depossession?

Compassionate depossession is not nearly as scary as it sounds. Possession illness is actually fairly common but sounds terrible because of our associations with scary movies like The Exorcist. It differs from extraction because extraction is the removal of disparate foreign energy while depossession is the removal of a more concentrated energy or “entity”. It may be as benign as a helpful ancestor who has ceased to be helpful. Most possession illnesses I’ve seen usually begin as a helpful situation (for protection or guidance).  At some point, it devolves into an unhelpful situation that is more dependent or codependent. 

Symptoms can range from things like feeling you’re not alone to a desire to do things that you would never normally do. You may “wake up” not having a memory of what you’ve just been doing or how you got where you are. You may have feelings that don’t reflect who you are or who you know yourself to be. Or, you may have strange dreams or memories of other people’s lives.

A depossession is an interactive process usually done through a guided journey. We get in touch with this entity and ask what it has to teach you. Why is it here? What does it need in order to leave your space in a harmonious way? It can sometimes be an emotional process as these entities or “spirits” may have been with you for lifetimes. I never do a compassionate depossession unless both parties are ready to update the relationship to one of mutual respect and sovereignty.