Energy healing with a drum and my voice

How I found Energy Healing

When I was younger and trying to find my calling as a healer, I decided to go to nursing school. That seemed to be the most logical and accepted form of healing in our Western society. I spent 15 years as an emergency nurse. Although I believe Western medicine has a much-needed place in our world, I’ve always felt like something was missing. I began to study many different modalities of energy healing. Slowly, I started to accept that energy is the precursor to the physical world. Being able to influence and direct energy is a way to get to the root of physical problems. My energy healing training began in 2010 with Reiki and I am now a Reiki master/teacher. I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training and learned a lot about the importance of breath and movement. Still unsatisfied with my understanding of the energetic world, I studied at the Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, CO. After completing their clairvoyance training program, I studied Healing Touch. I also studied Primus Healing in Sedona, AZ and became a certified practitioner. After that, I shifted my focus to Shamanic healing. In 2019, I completed a 3 year Shamanic practitioner training in Boulder, CO. My work is a combination of these trainings as well as an ongoing daily dialog with my helping spirits.

I have a great desire to be a bridge between the physical and energetic realms. I support my clients in living a sovereign life and feeling more connected to their OWN guidance. In this case, sovereignty means “freedom from external control; an autonomous state.” My goal as a healer is to help to restore a state of sovereignty to my clients. To empower them to claim their space for themselves and live their lives unencumbered by foreign energy and/or outdated, often unconscious thought forms.

Another passion of mine is art, especially in the form of stained glass and metal sculpture. I believe that all art has medicine for the soul. Stained glass is a way to capture that medicine in both light and color. I love to make a piece for a client after a session. This gives my clients a physical representation of their energy healing. It is a way to continue to integrate their energy healing through the months and years to come.

I live at the Oak (a community healing space) with two beautiful human healers, two fabulous feline healers and upwards of one hundred helping plant spirits.

Cypress welding large dragon

About my Healing Space

The Specifics

The Oak is a beautiful 5000 square foot 19th century farmhouse originally built by August Nelson in 1865 in Longmont, Colorado. It’s situated on several acres and boasts magnificently mature Cottonwood trees, fragrant Lilac bushes and many other blooming and edible plant allies. There is a private in-ground heated pool in the backyard that is used regularly for both fun and water ritual (which is also fun!). We have three large rooms we use for healing sessions, rituals, classes, workshops and dance parties. The largest room has a fireplace for fire rituals.
Tree in a bubble

The Magic

The Oak is an entity unto itself! They (the Oak) invited us (me and my band o’ healers) to live here, knowing we would grow and heal here and knowing that we would be able to help others do the same in this sacred space. It all started one snowy afternoon when I was riding around the backroads of Longmont and dreaming of my future… I came across a home I felt was the PERFECT container for a group of healers! Lo and behold, it was for sale albeit at an outrageous price (at least to me). I took a flyer and decided to use this home as the model in the ritual I was to perform in order to find the perfect space for me and my fellow shamanic graduates to co-create a community of healers.

One of the reasons I am so drawn to ritual is that it is truly a communication between you and Spirit and it’s a way to help you to create the life that you want.

In this particular case, either Spirit took me seriously or the Oak was up for the challenge of containing what I wanted to create.
About a year later, I was moving from my home of 7 years and every prospect fell apart until about 2 weeks before I had to vacate my property. I was checking internet listings obsessively and came across this property (the Oak) for rent. Someone had bought the property I fell in love with and was now renting it for the perfect amount of money for a group of healers to afford!

I honestly believe that ritual changes our lives, but I never expected such direct results. Even years later, living here still feels like a miracle.

Energy healing space