Clairgustation: Develop your Intuition: The Clair Series


 Clairgustation is clear tasting.

How does it show up?

It is related to clairolfaction (clear smelling) and is one of the least common clairs to have. One that I have not yet experienced myself. 

Clairgustation is (a lot of the times) synesthetic in nature meaning that one may taste a color or a sound. As a matter of fact, most of our clairs are that way. Ever heard of seeing a sound? Or hearing a color? Our clairs often overlap.

The best example of clairgustation I know about is a friend who has experienced this sensation regularly in her life. She describes it as a specific taste even when she is not eating or drinking anything.  This friend is a psychologist and she experiences a metallic taste in her mouth when she is dealing with clients with a certain mental condition.  This is her intuition’s way of communicating possible danger in a situation with clients who may be abusive.

Again, if your body and intuition use taste as a signal, you’ll have to learn what your “taste language” is.  You may get a bitter or metallic taste when something is alarming to your system.  You may get a pleasant taste when something feels good to you.

If clairgustation is something you have experienced, you may have an easier time opening your clairolfaction pathways and vice versa. 

How do I develop clairgustation?

As with all the clairs, it is important to spend time in gratitude for that sense. Meditation, prayer and guidance from your higher self/spirit guides can help you to open more pathways.

Try eating mindfully. Slowly chew your food, savoring every taste. Notice the textures. See if you can pick out individual ingredients and spices in a dish.

Once you’ve finished eating, see if you can recall the taste. Can you taste it without eating it again? Can you describe the taste?

Rev Joanna Bartlett, author of several spiritual how-to books and class, offers more tips on how to open this clair here.

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