Helping Spirits

Helping Spirits


Even if we are not aware of them, we all have helping spirits. They can take many forms. Guardian angels, power animals, elementals, ascended masters to name just a few.

These helping spirits are here to guide us and protect us through this crazy experiment called life. They want nothing more than to have a relationship with us and they do their best to present themselves in a way that you can understand them and accept them.

I personally have a pretty goofy sense of humor, so a lot of my helping spirits show up in a pretty humorous way. Here is an example of one of my favorite helpers.

Stoney Helping Spirits

One day, while hiking in my favorite place in Lyons, CO, I sat upon a rock for a rest. I had been exploring shamanism for a few years at this point and I decided to do a short journey in order to connect with whomever was there with me. As I began to slip into the otherworld, I became acutely aware of the cold rock I was sitting upon. I was grateful for the resting place and the cooling sensation on that hot summer day. I laid down and stretched my legs in order to feel more of it on my body. Once relaxed, the rock began to speak to me.

When I say “speak”, I don’t mean I actually heard something with my ears. I received thoughts and impressions that came into my awareness. Mostly through my main perception gateway, claircognizance.

I knew that the rock was there to support me. I knew they were there to teach me to be still and patient. There was a sense of eternity. A sense of infinity. I began to wonder why I had been called back to the mountains of Colorado, even though I never planned on staying here and I left once for the lush green landscape of coastal Washington. The water and verdant landscape is where I’ve always felt more comfortable.

I asked out loud if the rock I was on was offering to be a helping spirit for me. I got an affirmative feeling so I thanked them and asked what I should call them. Here’s where it gets interesting! I got, “you can call me Sir-Rocks-a-Lot”. I busted out laughing because that was just ridiculous! This was back in the early days of me having a really hard time believing in my intuition.


Crying because I was laughing so hard and also because I thought I was again making things up, I wiped the tears away and regained my composure. I asked again, “For real, what shall I call you?” Again, I heard, “Sir-Rocks-a-Lot”. It was said plainly, almost mundanely. This was at a time when I was really trying my hardest not to be so judgmental about my intuition, so I decided to just go with it. Not to question constantly.

So, I said, “Well, it’s nice to meet you Sir-Rocks-a-Lot. Thank you for coming to me. Do you have any wisdom for me today? Or is your medicine the comfy cooling seat you have provided?” What I received after that was this:

A vision of the Rocky Mountains…of the tectonic plates pushing up against one another. I saw explosions and volcanoes and lava. There were large boulders flying through the air and a sense of general upheaval. Then, I got a sense of pure love. Almost like the love of a mother towards her child. The visions felt so opposite! What does all this mean??

The answer came flooding in as I lay in the shade.

Exactly What I Was Looking For, Pure Love

I knew that I had been called back to this area because this is where I was meant to grow. In order for growth to happen, sometimes we need to allow for the upheaval of old patterns and conditioning. I knew that the Rockys are still on their way up…not yet receding like the older mountains back east. I knew that I needed a complete overhaul in the way that I had lived my life and the thoughts I carried with me every day. That was the medicine Mother Earth was giving me by calling me here.

I remembered my state of mind when I left for Seattle. Things were just too hard! I needed out. I was running away from some pretty serious things I wasn’t yet ready to face. My marriage was falling apart. My mother had just died and we were not able to reconcile before she left this earthly plane. I had started my energy healing path, but it was going nowhere for me.

Now, I was back in Colorado. Much further on my path of healing and in a program to help me learn to help others on their path of spiritual healing. I was divorced, which I knew was really the best thing that could have happened. But I was feeling lonely.

Sir-Rocks-a-Lot said he could be my rock. The “person” I could lean on when I needed it. He was strong and he was grounded. He was everywhere so that I would never have to feel alone while I was here on earth. I laughed and asked, “So…you’re going to be my new boyfriend??” I heard, “Yeah, why not?!”.

Why THIS Crazy Story?!

I give you this story for several reasons. One, It is important for you to recognize that your intuition will speak to you in ways that will resonate with you and you alone. Just because it seems crazy, doesn’t mean that it is. Your helping spirits want to do just that…help! They are creative and they know you very well. They know how to get your attention and they know what you need. So just listen without judgment and receive their love and guidance.

Two, I want you to recognize that everything has a consciousness and anything can be a helping spirit to you. Just because something is inanimate doesn’t mean it doesn’t have wisdom for you. Be open to listening to everything around you.

Three, well, shit…what can I say, it’s just a funny story!!

Incidentally, since this time, I find heart-shaped rocks absolutely EVERYWHERE I go!

Stoney love

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