Desert Love

A Shamanic Journey in the Desert


This is an example of a shamanic journey I did which illustrates how my intuition speaks to me. Some is in first person, like I’m speaking to myself. Some 3rd person, as if someone is speaking to me. It always happens like this and I think it illustrates that we are all connected…all one. It also demonstrates that each person’s intuition is uniquely designed to make an impact in THEIR lives. Sometimes it is helpful for me to know something myself. Sometimes it is better to feel like the info is coming from somewhere other than myself. Perhaps that’s why the 3rd person…to feel as if I’m getting information from a “better”/higher source(?) It may not be this way for you. We all have ways of connecting to our intuition that are unique because our higher selves will speak to us in the ways in which we will respond best.

Begin to notice without judgement how your intuition speaks to you specifically.  I say “without judgment” because I spent many years unable to hear my own intuition because it didn’t look like I thought it should.  And it didn’t look like other people’s. I wanted to receive messages in one way and that’s just not how my system works. If you start to notice without expectations or judgement, you will learn your own language much faster than I was able to!

I did this shamanic journey because I woke up with severe back pain and I was curious about its nature.

The journey is written very choppy…a lot like I think, so be prepared for that.


Shamanic journey with coyote…back, back, back.  Coyote turns into a giant yeti and points further back.  I go alone…I asked why I had “C” as a client and why is my back hurting in their same spot??  Scared I took on her stuff.  Asked if I did or if we just have matching pictures.  What is this pain saying to me??

I feel/saw where wings are growing out of my upper back.  I saw also wounding…scars through which the wings were sprouting. Wonder why?…angel wings? I’m no angel.  Fallen angel, maybe. Fallen angel…

”We are all ‘fallen angels’ here. At some point in our evolution, the turning point from animal to human, light beings decided to inhabit the bodies down here. They entered into a contract to evolve here on earth. Some say it was aliens that began to interject their DNA. It can be called that. Or light beings. Or angels. Otherworldly beings… Whatever.”

“My wings are sprouting this life (which feels like a metaphor for remembering who I am).  I have lived many lives with them in full glory and I have also lived many lives with them hidden deep inside a cavern of endless despair.  Sealed inside my body with the scars of unconsciousness.” 

What does this shamanic journey mean?

This is one of my “turning point” lives.  One where I do a 180 midway and become more conscious than I have been.  We have many turning point lives, but we also have many lives where we live at the same level of consciousness for most of it. These are considered the “easy lives”…even thought the circumstances of said life may not be easy, you do get to live blissfully unaware of who you Truly are, how much you are capable of and what you are responsible for.

Becoming conscious in this world is sometimes a painful process…especially in the beginning because you are breaking old patterns and seeing your way through old thinking that has shaped your entire life.  There is grief at the way you have lived and the time you have wasted.  But it is not wasted time as you would not be at this crossroads without having been SO disconnected…this is the swing-back of the pendulum. This is the healing of the old patterns.  It is a process the entire planet is going through right now.  And those of us who have decided to go through it (global warming, epic natural disasters, pandemics) with Mother Earth are here now going through it in our own little lives and worlds. Thank this pain. It is a sign of evolution. It is a sign of old scar tissue breaking up.

Remember this

As far as ‘taking on’ of a client’s stuff…yes and no.  Here’s how it works: Among other things, you align with your own highest self during these sessions. The client entrains to that in order to get their energy flowing in a more efficient way. You then help energy move by channeling, directing, and witnessing the energy movement.  Your client then heals themselves and you in turn entrain to that healing.  They entrain again in the next session and acquire more flowing energy and you entrain to that…and the cycle continues. That is why this is such an amazing way to work because instead of you killing yourself with stress and too many hours and crazy energy (as it was in the ER), you are healing yourself and your client in a deep way…at the core of the issues instead of the symptom management we do in western medicine.

So congrats!!  You’re healing yourself, you’re helping to heal other people AND you’re getting paid to do it.”

Always end a shamanic journey with gratitude

Thank you coyote for your wisdom and helping me to tell a new story because it is important for our stories to evolve.

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