Claircoersion: Develop your intuition: The Clair Series


What is it? In the last chapter of this series, I’d like to talk a bit about claircoersion or clairpersuasion. This gift is very interesting to me because I have run into it quit a bit in my life. It is being able to coerce someone into doing, being or believing something that they are not […]

Clairgustation: Develop your Intuition: The Clair Series

 Clairgustation is clear tasting. How does it show up? It is related to clairolfaction (clear smelling) and is one of the least common clairs to have. One that I have not yet experienced myself.  Clairgustation is (a lot of the times) synesthetic in nature meaning that one may taste a color or a sound. As […]

Clairsentience: Develop your Intuition: The Clair Series


 A very common clair, clairsentience is clear feeling.   How does clairsentience feel? Clairsentient people feel what others are feeling which can come as a physical or emotional sensation. As a clairsentient, you may enter a room nd immediately know the vibe, even if you don’t know anyone there.   You may be hyper-vigilant about […]

Claircognizance: Develop your intuition: The Clair Series


 Claircognizance is a clear knowing.   It is such an amazing gift, and one of my favorites, but it hasn’t always been that way for me!   How does claircognizance show up? This gift is like downloading information from source or your higher self.  When you tap into this river of knowledge, the information just […]

Clairaudience: Develop Your Intuition: The Clair Series


What is it? Clairaudience is clear hearing. This clair can happen in different ways.  Some people literally hear things, as if they are hearing with their regular ears.  This has happened to me only once and it scared the s*^# out of me!  It is very strange to hear someone speaking to you when there […]

Clairolfaction: Develop your intuition: The Clair Series


 Clairolfaction (sometimes called clairalience) is clear smelling. How does it show up? Clairolfaction is a little more rare than some of the other clairs. Many people have this gift as a supplement to their more developed clairs but it is rare that this is someone’s MAIN clair.   As I mentioned before in the blog […]

Clairvoyance: Develop your intuition: The Clair Series

Clairvoyance is the most well-known of the clairs and means ‘clear seeing’.   Some people see visions when they close their eyes and tap into their intuition. Visions may present like flashes of images or colors here and there that you piece together or it can be like watching a movie in your head…multiple visions, […]