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What is it?

Clairaudience is clear hearing.

This clair can happen in different ways.  Some people literally hear things, as if they are hearing with their regular ears.  This has happened to me only once and it scared the s*^# out of me!  It is very strange to hear someone speaking to you when there is no one there in the 3D world! There is a stigma in our society that says people who hear voices are crazy. So, I quickly requested that my higher Self and my helping spirits communicate with me in a different way. It was an unconscious request at the time. Basically, I just freaked out and they knew they weren’t going to be able to get in touch with me easily that way. I believe this probably happens early in life, on an unconscious level with a lot of clairaudient people.

How can clairaudience show up?

As I said, it is possible for people to hear disembodied voices. If you are feeling overwhelmed by clairaudient phenomenon, know that you can sit quietly in prayer and meditation and consciously request that your guides communicate with you in a different way. If you would rather learn to live with your gift in a more consciously, you can ask your guides to teach you boundaries. New ways of dealing with how, why and when the information comes to you. Ask and be patient enough to sit and wait for the answers to come. Journaling can he helpful.

Here is an interesting article from Yale News about the difference in clairaudience and auditory hallucinations brought on by psychosis. If you believe you are experiencing psychosis, it may be best to see an allopathic doctor as well as a shamanic healer.

It is more common that clairaudient people report hearing something inside their heads…almost as if they’re just taking to themselves. It may be in their own voice or it may sound like a voice that is not theirs. But it is still coming from inside, not outside of them.  For me, I usually hear my own voice, which can be confusing when first trying to develop this clair. It’s very easy to mistake it for just talking to myself…which it sort-of is…our intuition is us, after all.

If you do not normally experience clairaudient phenomenon but want to open to it, one way clairaudience can begin to show up is by us actually hearing from a source in the real world, the answers to our questions or problems. Have you ever noticed that you’ve heard something on the radio that was exactly what you needed? Or overheard a conversation in a restaurant and received information you needed? Beginning to notice and celebrate these times will help in developing clairaudience.

How do I further develop my clairaudience?

One way to increase your clairaudience is to close your eyes and really begin to listen to everything you hear.  Everywhere you go, pick out the different sounds in your environment.  See if you can tell where in space a sound is coming from.  You an practice this anywhere you are.  If you’re in nature, pick out different bird sounds. Listen to the wind and how it sounds differently depending on what it is blowing through.  If you are in a public area, concentrate on one conversation and pick it out in the crowd.  When you’re walking around, see if you can tell the difference in how your footfall sounds depending the walking surface.  Just notice EVERYTHING!

Spending time being grateful for your hearing is another way to increase this clair, as it is with all the clairs.

As it is with all the clairs, it’s essential to spend time doing practices that help you to ground and center before accessing this form of intuition. It is important to come from a place of curiosity and trust in yourself rather than skepticism.

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