Claircoersion: Develop your intuition: The Clair Series


What is it?

In the last chapter of this series, I’d like to talk a bit about claircoersion or clairpersuasion. This gift is very interesting to me because I have run into it quit a bit in my life. It is being able to coerce someone into doing, being or believing something that they are not currently doing/being/believing. This gift can be very beneficial, depending on why and how you are using it.  Conversely, as you can imagine, one can easily abuse it. You may see this gift at work with dynamic speakers, lawyers, or leaders in the community. 

It is my understanding that people like Jesus and Buddha had this gift which is how they were able to heal and bring enlightenment to so many people. 

How it Works

We all affect and are affected by our surrounding energies because we are all energetic beings. We all entrain to the energies around us. Entrain means we tend to become a little more like our surrounding energy. People entrain to us if we are the dominating energy in a place. 

Claircoersion is the ability to stand so firmly in your own energy that you can get others to entrain to you thereby changing their energy to resonate with yours. It is, as you can imagine, easier to coerce an empath.

There are stories of spontaneous healings and enlightenments as Buddha or Jesus spoke to crowds. This is because they stood so firmly in their own energy. People would heal or become enlightened just by being in their presence and entraining to their energy. This is a very wonderful and powerful form of claircoersion. It is a perfect example of how to use this gift in a conscious way.

If you happen to have this gift and you are unconscious of it, it can be VERY destructive and detrimental because you may be using it in ways that aren’t for the highest good of everyone involved. It may show up in seemingly harmless ways. For instance, someone may get their group of friends to go along with their plans even though several of them wanted different plans. Almost like an energetic steam-roller.

I have also seen people coerced into doing things they REALLY didn’t want to do. These people often feel violated and unsure of why they did what they did. Honestly, it’s almost like energetic rape and can leave the person feeling victimized and questioning their own sanity.

Should I try to develop claircoersive skills?

This clair is sort of like a catch-22. People who are awakened enough in their own spiritual development would rarely, if ever, want to coerce someone.  Those who are not that developed in their spiritual pursuits may not even know that have this gift. They may use it on people unconsciously, a lot of the times, to the other person’s detriment.

In her book, The Spiritual Awakening Guide: Kundalini, Psychic Abilities, and the Conditioned Layers of Reality, Mary Mueller Shutan advises, “If you have this ability, be aware of it. When you notice yourself using it, stop yourself. If you are naturally good at claircoersion, you already likely have other sensitivities and psychic abilities. Open to your other abilities, focus on developing yourself through daily spiritual practice, and you will develop a magnetism that will naturally inspire people.”

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