Claircognizance: Develop your intuition: The Clair Series


 Claircognizance is a clear knowing.  

Claircognizance is “clear Knowing”

It is such an amazing gift, and one of my favorites, but it hasn’t always been that way for me!  

How does claircognizance show up?

This gift is like downloading information from source or your higher self.  When you tap into this river of knowledge, the information just flows into your awareness. For me, it was hard to accept at first.  I spent many years just thinking I was making things up.  Thinking I know something, but not knowing how I do and assuming I was creating stories that didn’t mean anything. It is hard to accept information that doesn’t seem to have a “clear” source. It’s easy to say, “I heard this” or “I saw that”. Claircognizant people can only say, “I just know”.

You may have this gift if you’ve ever been able to accurately predict what is going to happen in a given situation. Or if you’ve picked up the phone to call a friend, not knowing why exactly, but learning that that friend was in real need at the time of your call. Sometimes a claircognizant person will know that it is a stuck emotion causing someone’s back pain.

How do I strengthen my claircognizance?

One can access this gift in many ways. I like to use automatic writing.  In this form of journaling, you just think of a subject or question and start writing aimlessly.  You’d be surprised at what comes out of your intuition when you’re not trying to direct everything with your thoughts.  

Another way to get in touch with this clair is to sit in meditation and just ask your higher self questions and see what comes to your mind. You can sit with a voice recorder and say what comes to mind, or you can write.

As with all the clairs, it is important to center and ground yourself before getting into a space where you are trying to use this gift.

As claircognizance tends to be more prevalent with people who have open crown chakras, it is also important to spend time clearing and opening your crown. Here are some exercises to do that.


You can develop this gift by playing games with yourself.  Use a deck of cards and lay several of them out face down in front of you.  Start with only a few and move up as you get better.  Try and pick out a specific card you laid down using only your intuition.  You may feel like you’re just guessing, but the more you do it, the more you will realize that you are more accurate than you’d think.

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