Clairsentience: Develop your Intuition: The Clair Series


 A very common clair, clairsentience is clear feeling.  

Clairsentience is “clear feeling”

How does clairsentience feel?

Clairsentient people feel what others are feeling which can come as a physical or emotional sensation.

As a clairsentient, you may enter a room nd immediately know the vibe, even if you don’t know anyone there.  

You may be hyper-vigilant about other people’s feelings. 

Crowds and gatherings can be especially hard for you. As you must navigate your own feelings and space and that of many other’s at one time.  

Places can also be filled with feeling that a clairsentient can pick up on.  For instance, you might feel the grief/anger at the holocaust museum or the magic/awe at a holy site.  

Objects can also carry an emotional signature that can be picked up on by a clairsentient. This happens because our energy tends to interact with and affect everything we’re around, leaving a signature behind.

A note on the difference between empathy and clairsentience

Unless you are VERY clear on who you are and how you feel, this clair can be a little disorienting. It was for me in the beginning my life.  

Many people who have clairsentience start off as empaths and have had this ability for most of their lives. In her book, The Spiritual Awakening Guide: Kundalini, Psychic Abilities, and the Conditioned Layers of Reality, Mary Mueller Shutan explores the difference in empathy and clairsentience. Basically, she says that empaths are more likely to take on other’s energy as their own. They conforming to the energies around them. A clairsentient is conscious that the energies around them are not necessarily their own and they do not need to conform to those energies. Empaths may be a little confused about what is theirs and what is someone else’s because our current society doesn’t normally teach us about our personal energetic boundaries. As you become more conscious with your empathy, you will become more clairsentient.

How do I develop my clairsentience?

One way to really get in touch with this clair is to sit in mediation (alone) and become VERY clear about your own feelings.  As mentioned earlier, clairsentient people are very empathic and can experience some confusion about where feeling are coming from. Spending quality alone time with your own feelings is essential.

As discussed in the earlier posts, grounding and clearing your mind while accessing your clairsentience is essential.

Another valuable tip is to listen to how someone else is feeling and really try and put yourself in their shoes.  Attempt to come from their perspective. See if you can not only understand their feelings intellectually, but also actually FEEL the feeling they are reporting.

This is an especially valuable sense for healers as it can inform your healing practice with clients.

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