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Clairvoyance is the most well-known of the clairs and means ‘clear seeing’.  

Some people see visions when they close their eyes and tap into their intuition. Visions may present like flashes of images or colors here and there that you piece together or it can be like watching a movie in your head…multiple visions, one after the other.   

Clairvoyance can be seeing visions inside your mind’s eye or one can see energy with their eyes open…like seeing a person’s aura, for instance which his is more rare than seeing with the mind’s eye.  

It is possible for a clairvoyant person to see inside the human body or into the future.  They can also sometimes get images from objects as the objects we are around carry signatures of our energy that can be seen or read. Often times, visions come in the form of dreams at night or daydreams. Sometimes your intuition can speak to you with images with literal meanings, or it may speak to you with symbols that you must discern.  This is why it’s so important to learn your own way of intuiting information.  Everyone is different and it is something that must be explored for yourself.  

How do you develop clairvoyance?

I remember when I was first developing this clair, I noticed that my intuition liked to speak to me in colors.  I had to learn MY language in colors.  For instance, if I saw red in someone’s reading, it typically meant passion or anger or a need for those things.  Yellow was a happy color, one that meant invigoration or child-like exuberance.  Blue was calm, sometimes cold or sluggish…depending on the context.  Again, this is MY intuitive language for myself…not a rule of clairvoyance.  To be a successful clairvoyant, you must learn your own intuitive language.

There are many techniques I have learned throughout the last 10 years of study in multiple disciplines. Unfortunately, I cannot outline all of these in a short article, but I’d like to touch on the ones I feel have been the most beneficial for me.

Learning to trust yourself is essential

Here’s what I wish I knew in the beginning:

*It really helps to center yourself and clear your mind before beginning to look at anything from a clairvoyant space. Being able to focus is key and that can be difficult for a lot of us.  A meditation practice can be helpful if you are needing to cultivate a clear, receptive mind.

*Patience is key when looking at something clairvoyantly.  You may not see anything immediately and you must learn to wait and allow whatever comes up to come up without expectations. If all you see is black, ask what that black is telling you.  Ask if there is anything else you can know about the black.  Wait and see. 

*Taking a stance of curiosity rather than judgment is a practice that can take a while to get good at. When you begin to judge what you’re seeing as either “bad” or “good”, you block the flow of information coming your way. Because the judgment creates a blind spot.  An area of energy you cannot see because you don’t believe it could exist. 

*Practice, practice, practice is the name of the game! For the few years that I studied at the Psychic Horizon’s center in Boulder, CO, I participated in their student energy reading program and read people’s auras every week. I also practiced on friends and family. It is the only way to get better at it. It is the only way to become fluent in your own intuition’s language.

*It is really helpful to practice visualizing everything you can. This may be easy for you.  You may be a very visual person.  If you are not, practice this exercise.  Even if you are already a skilled clairvoyant this is a helpful exercise to hone your skills.


Pay attention to the space around you now.  Look at everything. Notice everything and take it all in with your eyes open.  Now, close your eyes and recall everything you possibly can. Recall colors, textures, smells, sounds…anything that comes to mind.  Get lost in that world you’re seeing/remembering. Start exploring. Look under things, into things. Start asking your intuition what’s beyond the area that you can see.  This is a good exercise for building concentration and imagination.

Anyone can be clairvoyant, granted, some more than others. Even if you are not normally a visual person, you should not allow that to deter you from at least trying to access this particular resource of your intuition. You are a wellspring of information just waiting to be tapped into!

That being said, if this clair doesn’t resonate with you, fear not!  There are 6 more to go and we will explore them all.

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